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Biomimicry: Design by Nature

Provides an overview of biomimicry, illustrating the relationship between nature's solutions to light, heat, and glare control and today’s shading design principles.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Define the basic practices of biomimicry.

  2. Discuss the application of biomimetic principles in design.

  3. Identify the relationship between shading principles and nature’s solutions for heat, light, and glare control.

  4. Conceptualize a preliminary design application for shading based on the principles of biomimicry.

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American University

Impact of Window Treatments on Commercial Daylighting Design

The course outlines daylighting strategies, including the relevance of daylight factor calculation and fabric characteristics. Case studies illustrate the impact of shading on LEED certification.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Identify at least four daylighting design strategies.

  2. Discuss relevance of daylight factor calculation in determining whether there is an appropriate amount of light in the work space.

  3. Understand how shade fabric characteristics impact aesthetics and thermal load of the indoor environment.

  4. Identify the impact of shading on commercial LEED certification.

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