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SWFcontract Puts Safety at the Forefront

June 10, 2022 | product safety

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As a leader in the industry, SWFcontract offers many window treatment safety features as well as window coverings that have been certified as Best for Kids™ by an independent testing agency. SWFcontract offers safe window coverings for virtually any project’s needs. We suggest installing a cordless solution anywhere children may be present. Corded window coverings are one of the ‎top five hidden hazards in the home. If cords can be dangerous in a home, they are certainly a safety hazard in a classroom, hotel, or any other commercial building where a child could be present. Aside from new projects, window coverings should be repaired or replaced if they date before 2018 which is when the window covering industry improved the safety of blinds and shades through enhancements, such as:

- Tension pulleys and tie-down devices in all continuous-loop pull cords.
- Tassels ends on lift cords.
- Cord stops on horizontal blind lift cords that prevent the user from pulling internal cords through the slats.

Learn more about these changes and order a free retrofit kit for window solutions where replacement is not possible on Read on to find which safe solution is right for your project.

chartManual Solutions
Manual solutions are a great cost-efficient option with the versatility to be installed anywhere. There are multiple options when in the manual shade category. The options in this category include aluminum blinds, cellular shades, faux wood/real wood blinds, pleated shades, roller/solar shades, and vertical blinds. Each of these has the option of a cordless lift system that eliminates cords and is what we recommend when it comes to choosing the safest manual shade.

Other options include cord cleats, in which cords are anchored to the wall, out of reach from children and pets, continuous-loop lift systems, where cords are kept at a constant length and held in place by a safety hold-down device, and in some cases, a single retractable cord, which is a smart pull operating system that lowers the shade smoothly with a simple tug of the cord and raises with a few short pulls. Refer to the chart above to learn which options are available for each window solution.

Motorized Solutions
Motorized shades are king when it comes to safety. Motorized solutions offer unmatched benefits such as making hard-to-reach, tall, or large shades easier to adjust and even the possibility to move multiple shades at once with the push of a button. Though there is an increased price in comparison to manual or battery-operated shades, motorized shades offer features where manual cannot compare. Battery-operated motors are a unique solution that can be a cost-effective option with many of the same benefits without the wiring required. There are benefits to enhance any project with plenty of motorized options.

Standard motorized shades gives users the control needed for safety and comfort, it is everything you need and nothing you do not.

Wireless motorized shades offers a radio control system that can raise and lower multiple shades at once.

Last, and certainly not least, intelligent motorized shades are controlled by a smart motor that can be programmed and then left to adjust during the day without worry. Motorized shades deliver on big, small, or even custom projects while being the safest option available to conserve energy and provide daylight control at the touch of a button.

Learn more about SWFcontract's comitment to safety

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