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  • Glydea® Motorized Track System

  • Glydea® Motorized Track System

    A high-performance motorization solution, the Glydea drapery track system offers flexible and robust capabilities. Glydea motors feature Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) communication, which works with a range of control options. Evenly-spaced carriers create smooth waves in the fabric and deliver a clean look on both sides of the window. The system can be paired with all drapery types, including pinch pleat and Ripplefold® styles. This complete motorized solution can be configured to fit the design and budgetary demands of any project.


    • Drapery track is 6063-T5 extruded aluminum and measures 1 1⁄32" high x 1.2" wide.
    • Drive belt drive is synchronous, pre-lubed, toothed, and circulates internally within the headrail to ensure smooth travel.
    • Drive and return assembly is injection molded plastic and equipped with a bush bearing, which allows for multiple curtain hook attachments.
    • Rail design and swivel ceiling bracket minimize the light gap.
    • Glydea system is available with pinch pleat and Ripplefold carrier systems.


    • Glydea motors feature Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) communication, which works with a range of control options, including handheld remotes, wireless wall switches, and tabletop controls.
    • Motor is RTS, 24V DC, with attached three-prong plug for easy power disconnect.
    • Glydea motors also integrate easily with timers, audiovisual, lighting, and third-party building automation systems. The motor comes standard with one RJ12 connector to allow connection to a two- or three-dry contact control device.
    • Motor can operate a drapery up to 132 lbs. on a 2-way 36' straight track.
    • Adjustable speed is 4.9"/second to 7.86"/second.
    • Motor design and the use of a timing belt provide quiet operation (<44dBA).
    • Motor housing can be mounted to the left, right, above track, or below track (standard).
    • Motor has built in manual override through the lyre release system, which automatically disconnects the gearbox from the track to allow manual operation of the drapery when the motor is not running or power is interrupted.


    • Glydea 35e RTS motor (with 10' cable and molded NEMA plug)
    • Glydea 60e RTS motor (with 10' cable and molded NEMA plug)


    • Wall switches
    • Remotes
    • Integration devices
    • Specialty Radio Frequency Controls
    • Available with the full range of RTS control technology


    ​Rail up to 36 ft. wide with Glydea 60e

    Rail up to 30 ft. wide with Glydea 35e


    • ​​​​​Brackets are steel stamped finished to resist corrosion. Choose either one-touch brackets for easy mount or swivel lock brackets for a maximum of 2mm light gap, both available as ceiling mount or wall mount.
    • Recommendation is one bracket by each pulley and one every 24".


    The Glydea system extends the life span of draperies by eliminating the damage to material associated with manual operation. Draperies protect furnishings from damaging UV rays and also reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter by creating an insulating buffer, which lowers energy consumption and costs.