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  • RTS Motorized Solar Shades

  • RTS Motorized Solar Shades

    SWFcontract products use an exclusive radio control system that enables users to adjust motorized horizontal blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, and solar shades with the touch of a button—either from hand-held remotes or wall switches. To adjust shades based on external conditions, our climate sensors and timers are stand-alone or can be integrated into home or office automation systems. These motorized products can manage temperature, moderate heat gain/loss, and optimize natural light while reducing glare.

    Best of all, we offer a range of scalable SWFcontract solutions for small, large, or custom projects. Whether you are interested in upgrading to shading and occupancy switches, or installing tailor-made shading and lighting controlled through a building management system, we have the combination of products and components to make a more efficient, cost-effective project, and a better indoor environment.


    • Radio frequency motors feature state-of-the-art controls.
      • The Radio Frequency 110V-120V AC Motor is the top technology choice for smaller applications with advanced control options. Great for retrofits and difficult-to-wire applications.
    • Individual and group controls available.


    • The motor is a tubular, asynchronous motor with built-in reversible capacitor, and is completely enclosed, temperature Class A, thermally protected, and maintenance-free with line voltage power supply.
    • The motor size doesn’t exceed 80% of the motor and tube assembly rated lift capacity. (To ensure proper operation, the manufacturer determines motor s​ize based on window dimensions and fabric selection.)
    • Quick disconnect plugs are standard.


    • Fabric options range from 100% opaque to 14% open.
    • Seam heights may be specified.
    • Fabric-wrapped hem bar is extruded aluminum and completely enclosed in a hem pocket with heat-sealed seams and ends.
    • Shades with railroaded fabric may have heat-sealed seams.
    • Solar and blackout shade fabric collections are fade and stain resistant, antistatic, and pass NFPA 701-1999 FR, and ASTM-G21 and G22.
    • ​Solar and blackout fabrics feature options that are GREENGUARD Gold certified and FR rated NFPA 701.
    • Fabric options also i​​​nclude ShadeDefense Antimicrobial Protection, our antibacterial and antifungal technology that meets ASTM G21 and ASTM E2180 test methods.​​


    • Tube sizes include 2.55", 3.15", 3.95", and 5.13".
    • The roller tubes are extruded aluminum engineered with channel to accept fabric spline.
    • The diameter and wall thickness are determined by manufacturer based on fabric selection and shade size to provide minimal deflection and optimal performance.
    • Unique Z-shaped, rigid PVC spline is heat-sealed to the shade fabric, providing a secure attachment to the tube while allowing easy removal of the fabric band.
    • The removable spline system allows for adjustability on-site and ease in changing fabric bands in the field.


    • 4.25" or 7.625" fascia


    • External fabric-wrapped hem bar
    • Pockets
    • Closure plates
    • Blackout channels include side, sill, and center channels
    • Dual and coupled shades
    • Integration with third-party systems


    For complete product information and option details, please see the product’s Data Sheet.


    Motor Offering Overview​


    Minimum width: 33"

    Maximum width: 240"

    Minimum height: 6"

    Maximum height: 240"

    (Dimensions are dependent on fabric choice.)

    Installation Considerations

    Inside Mount Minimum Space Requirements

     Top MountWall Mount
     No FasciaFasciaNo FasciaFascia
    Standard Bracket System3.6875"4.5"4"4.5"
    Extended Bracket System6.25"7.1875"6.25"7.1875"


    • TrueLevel™ nonhanded brackets allow for easier mounting and superior performance.
    • Adjustable idle end brackets allow shades to be leveled in place.
    • Standard, coupled, dual, and both dual and coupled shades are available.
    • Brackets are powder-coated and available in white or black.
    • Optional dual shade brackets hold two shades in one bracket assembly.
    • Coupled shades are connected with a linked bracket mechanism.
    • The idle end bracket is adjustable, allowing shades to be leveled while in place.
    • Bracket covers are optional.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty​

    Motorization Components and Accessories (battery not included): Five-year Limited Warranty​


    Several opaque and blackout fabrics are available in solar shades, providing the best possible energy efficiency and insulation.


    • Boasting a shading coefficient range of .21 to .74, SWFcontract Solar Shades prevent heat gain, which conserves energy and lowers cooling costs.
    • With an openness factor of 1–10%, solar shades block harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, fabrics, and interior finishes. This extends the life of furnishings and prevents them from ending up in landfills prematurely.
    • To help create more healthful​ indoor environments, several SWFcontract solar shade fabrics are GREENGUARD certified—they have successfully met the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s rigorous chemical emissions standards.
    • SWFcontract Solar Shades are designed, engineered, and tested to ensure a long product life. This ultimately reduces landfill waste and conserves resources.