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  • TruePerformance™ Manual Solar Shades

  • TruePerformance™ Manual Solar Shades

    ​What sets the SWFcontract Manual Solar Shades apart is our attention to detail at the engineering level. From our robust TruePerformance™ Clutch System to our TrueTrack™ Spline to our resilient fabric collection, the smooth operation and durability of our products is unmatched. These solar shades are the perfect solution for today’s commercial applications.


    • The TruePerformance Clutch System consists of fiberglass-filled nylon for wear resistance, smooth operation, and corrosion resistance.
    • The clutch uses a Velvetrol™ internal spring arrangement for a smooth pulling force that locks the shade in any position when operating the control loop.
    • The clutch mechanism is inserted in the roller tube at manufacturing. The mechanism is bidirectional and does not require adjustment or lubrication.
    • The control loop is a 10-pound stainless steel bead chain with bead stops attached to the chain to protect the shade from over-rotation.
    • The idle end is constructed of high-strength, fiberglass-filled nylon with spring-loaded pin-end technology for wear resistance, smooth operation, and corrosion resistance.
    • The lift assist system is a heavy-duty torsion spring located inside the roller tube. This mechanism reduces the pull force, allowing easy lifting of larger shades.


    • Fabric options range from 100% opaque to 14% open.
    • Shades with railroaded fabric may have heat-sealed seams.
    • Heat-sealed fabric spline allows for easy shade band removal.
    • Fully-enclosed heat-sealed hem pocket is standard.
    • Fabric-wrapped hem bar is extruded aluminum and completely enclosed in a hem pocket with heat-sealed seams and ends.
    • Solar and blackout shade fabric co​​llections are antistatic, fade and stain resistant, and pass NFPA 701-1999 FR, and ASTM-G21 and G22.
    • Solar and blackout fabrics feature options that are GREENGUARD Gold certified and FR rated NFPA 701.
    • Fabric options also i​​​nclude ShadeDefense Antimicrobial Protection, our antibacterial and antifungal technology that meets ASTM G21 and ASTM E2180 test methods.​​


    • Tube sizes include 1½", 2", and 2½" diameters.
    • Tubes are extruded aluminum engineered with a channel to accept fabric spline.
    • Tube diameters and wall thickness provide optimal performance and minimal deflection. (Dimensions are determined by manufacturer based on fabric selection and shade size.)
    • The TrueTrack Spline keeps fabric straight on tube, minimizing fabric tracking and creasing. Our unique co-extruded spline is heat-welded to the fabric, providing a secure attachment to the tube while allowing easy removal of the fabric band.

    NOTE: The tube size is engineered based on the following: height of shade for length of fabric and thickness of fabric as it is spooled on the tube; deflection concerns based on the weight of the fabric; and common tube sizes across all shades to accommodate similar rollup speed, etc. Let the SWFcontract team help you with all the details.


    • 3" and 4" fascia front and back
    • 7⅝" dual shade fascia


    • An optional 5" pocket with lip provides ceiling tile support, or without lip provides a clean appearance in an exposed application.
    • Closure plates
    • Side, sill, and center channels
    • Dual and coupled shades
    • External fabric-wrapped hem bar
    • Plastic bead chain


    For complete product information and option details, please see the product’s Data Sheet.


    Minimum width: 10⅝"

    Maximum width: 192" for heat-sealed hem bar, 144" for fabric-wrapped hem bar.

    Minimum height: 6"

    Maximum height: 240"

    (Dimensions are dependent on fabric choice.)

    Installation Considerations

    Inside Mount Minimum Space Requirements​

    Jamb MountOverhead Mount
    No Fascia¾"4⅛”
    3" Fascia¾"2¾"
    4" Fascia1⅜"3¾"


    • Nonhanded brackets for easier mounting and superior performance.
    • Color coordinated brackets blend seamlessly with fascia, unlike visible zinc-plated brackets.
    • Shades are easy for installer to level, eliminating fabric tracking and reducing callbacks.
    • Bracket covers are optional.
    • Installation brackets are 16-gauge, corrosion-resistant, stamped steel, and can accommodate overhead, side, and face mounting.
    • Brackets are powder-coated and available in white, vanilla, gray, or black.
    • Optional dual shade brackets hold two shades in one bracket assembly. Coupled shades are connected with a linked bracket mechanism.


    TPSL No Fascia Bracket (TPSL 10,15,20,30) 2.2" (W) x 2.88" (H)
    3" TPSL Fascia Bracket 3.00" (W) x 3.395" (H)
    4" TPSL Fascia Bracket 4.00" (W) x 3.915" (H)
    TPSL Dual Bracket 6.47" (W) x 7.33" (H)
    TPSL Dual Fascia Bracket 7.15" (W) x 7.65" (H)

    Several opaque and blackout fabrics are available in solar shades, providing the best possible energy efficiency and insulation.


    • Boasting a shading coefficient range of .21 to .74, SWFcontract Solar Shades prevent heat gain, which conserves energy and lowers cooling costs.
    • With an openness factor of 1–10%, solar shades block harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, fabrics, and interior finishes. This extends the life of furnishings and prevents them from ending up in landfills prematurely.
    • To help create more healthful indoor environments, several SWFcontract solar s​hade fabrics are GREENGUARD certified—they have successfully met the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s rigorous chemical emissions standards.
    • SWFcontract Solar Shades are designed, engineered, and tested to ensure a long product life. This ultimately reduces landfill waste and conserves resources.