Micro Blinds
Micro Blinds

Perfect for commercial windows that don’t have much depth, aluminum micro blinds are ideal in high-rise buildings, office parks, and more. They are easy to use, with a disengaging clutch that prevents over-tilting. Cost-efficient and highly effective, choose our micro window blinds for maximum value.

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S4000 Micro Blinds
S4000 Micro Blinds

The S4000 Micro Blinds feature the ultimate in light-blocking ability with tight 1/2" slats, lip on headrail, and hidden brackets. The S4000 also has a cut-out option available for door handles or other obstructions and are a great option for bedrooms, small windows, and doors.

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Aluminum Blinds

1/2" aluminum blinds that adjust to your project

Micro blinds are ideal for commercial contractors and retailers because they work with nearly any kind of project. Why are these micro blinds perfect?

  • Easily cover large office windows
  • Fit nicely on door windows
  • Have easy cut-outs for door handles and other obstacles
  • Low-friction operation prevents damage from over-tilting
  • Ideal for extensive repeated use

No matter the size of your project, 1/2" aluminum blinds have you covered.

Ideal for windows of all sizes

Aluminum mini blinds are ideal for covering smaller windows, but also larger office projects. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

Selection expertise

Not sure if these aluminum mini blinds are right for your project? Our team has the ability and experience to help you plan your projects and get you the specs and diagrams that you need.

Best experience customer service

SWFcontract has been helping customers complete their commercial window covering projects for more than 80 years. We’ll talk you through all your options and help you find what’s best for you.