Manual Solar Shades

SWFcontract Manual Solar Shades keep rooms cool, stylish, and energy-efficient. With a lightweight design, these commercial roller shades are ideal for large rooms dealing with a lot of solar exposure. Our solar roller shades let you stay on budget and save money for your clients. It’s win-win, rain or shine.

Manual Solar Shades
Pro Series Manual Solar Shades
Pro Series Manual Solar Shades

Pro Series Manual Solar Shades are engineered for the durability required of commercial-grade solar shade installations. The Pro Series clutch and brackets are made from thick, hard-wearing steel ideal for industrial shade applications.

Pro Series Manual Solar Shades
True Performance
True Performance Manual Solar Shades

True Performance Manual Solar Shades have an innovative roller shade clutch system that provides corrosion and wear-resistance while maintaining smooth operation and pull force.

True Performance Manual Solar Shades
R Series
R Series Manual Solar Shades

R-Series Manual Solar Shades from SWFContract are durable, energy-efficient window shades for commercial use.

R Series Manual Solar Shades
Shade Cloth Collections
Shade Cloth

Choose from hundreds of expertly-engineered shade cloth options for an aesthetically pleasing daylight control solution

Solar Collections Blackout Collections

When will your commercial customers request Manual Solar Shades?

We live in an era of automation, but that doesn’t work for every project and every budget. Manual Solar Shades provide all the energy-saving benefits of motorized shades but not at the same price point.

  • Complete sun blockage
  • Energy-efficiency savings
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for large windows
  • Lower price point

A room with a view can still be energy efficient. SWFcontract commercial roller shades make that happen.

Comprehensive selection and supply

We have all the Manual Solar Shades you’ll need to complete any commercial window covering project. Our comprehensive solar shade line means you’ll get access to the widest ranges of sizes, colors, and more to please your clients and get your project completed on time.

Construction expertise

Commercial roller shades are ideal for office windows, especially when dealing with tight budgets. Our expert team can help you take a project from design and specs to the finish line, helping you make sure that all your window coverings match up with your designs.

Best experience customer service

Not all solar roller shades are the same. SWFcontract’s experts will help you get the right ones. We’ve been helping customers complete their commercial window covering projects for 75 years. We’ll talk you through all your options.