Micro window blinds give better control for all users

These are the kind of aluminum micro blinds that are meant to be used frequently. Whether it is to lower the blinds for a presentation or open them for some natural light, these will be going up and down...a lot. That’s why engineering is ideal.  Our micro blinds:

  • Are corrosion resistant
  • Employ low-friction operation
  • Prevent over-tiliting
  • Feature crash-proof safety standards

These are meant to be used, again and again. You’ll deliver true value to your customers.

Ideal for a wide variety of projects

Aluminum micro blinds are the perfect commercial window covering for projects that don’t require much depth. They fit snugly in smaller, more shallow windows, found in all kinds of projects.

Selection expertise

Not sure if these aluminum micro blinds are right for your project? Our team has the ability and experience to help you plan your projects and get you the specs and diagrams that you need.

Best experience customer service

SWFcontract has been helping customers complete their commercial window covering projects for over 80 years. We’ll talk you through all your options and help you find what’s best for you.

Features & Components

  • Smallest headrail fits windows or doors with minimal depth.
  • Headrail is 1" high x 1" wide x .025" thick U-shaped steel.
  • The steel finishing process includes phosphate treatment for corrosion resistance, a chrome-free sealer, a low hazardous air pollutants (HAP) urethane primer, and a topcoat of low HAP polyester-baked enamel.
  • Bottomrail is a tubular shape made of phosphate-treated steel for corrosion resistance and finished with a chrome-free sealer, low HAP urethane primer, and a topcoat of low HAP polyester-baked enamel.
  • Bottomrail measures .025" thick.
  • Heavy-duty wand tilt and cord lift are standard.
  • Tilter is made of injection-molded thermoplastics for smooth, low-friction operation and incorporates a disengaging clutch mechanism to prevent damage due to over-tilting.
  • Tilt rod is electro-zinc coated solid steel measuring ¼" square.
  • Tilt wand is clear polycarbonate with a hexagonal cross section measuring approximately ¼" diameter, and is attached to the tilter shaft with a spring clip for easy removal.
  • Cordlock is a snap-in design made of durable, high-impact nylon with a stainless steel wear guard incorporating a floating, shaft-type locking pin.
  • The cordlock design provides a crash-proof safety feature that locks the blinds automatically upon release of the lift cord.
  • Drum and cradles are made of low-friction thermoplastic and are provided for each ladder.
  • Slats are 5000 Series cold-rolled aluminum containing the maximum allowable recycled content to produce a high-strength and corrosion-resistant, flexible product.
  • Slats are nominally 1/2" wide x .006" thick and processed to provide a smooth, hard, less porous surface, which includes being treated with a topcoat of polyester-baked enamel.
  • Antistatic performance repels dust.
  • Low HAP, low VOC paint process reduces emissions.
  • Slats meet NFPA 701.
  • Braided ladder is made of 100% polyester yarn, incorporating two extra-strength rungs per ladder for slat support. Standard ladder spacing is 12.5mm.
  • Tilt limiter
  • Ring tilt
  • Ring pull
  • Turn clips for extruded pockets
  • Extension brackets
  • Hold down brackets
  • Cut-outs
  • Two-slat valance
  • Deluxe two-slat valance
  • Top-lock cordlock
  • Installation brackets are made of phosphate-treated steel with a urethane primer and polyester-baked enamel finish to match headrail.
  • Bracket design incorporates a rivet-hinged front cover.

Fabrics & Colors



Installation Instructions

Document Name 
Aluminum Double Valance 78198 00_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/thmxyyb8vc/Aluminum-Double-Valance-78198-00_Installation.pdf
Aluminum Micro 1in Aluminum Cordless Inside Ceiling Outside Mount 78169 02_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/tqiol5yp8p/Aluminum-Micro-1in-Aluminum-Cordless-Inside-Ceiling-Outside-Mount-78169-02_Installation.pdf

Operation & Care

Document Name 
Aluminum Motorized Tilt Option Operationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/yklkn8xmi2/Aluminum-Motorized-Tilt-Option-Operation.pdf


Product Information

Document Name 
Aluminum Blinds Brochurehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/jezlvzl3jy/Aluminum-Blinds-Brochure.pdf
Aluminum Color Cardhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/dsids3jn7r/Aluminum-Color-Card.pdf
Aluminum Colors Comparisonhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/rlk1zgcnps/SWF-Aluminum-Colors-Comparison.pdf


Document Name 
Aluminum Micro NFPA 701 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/1egtmnegvq/Aluminum-Micro-FRCertificate-NFPA-701.pdf

Data Sheets

Document Name 
Aluminum Micro Data Sheethttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/8rigt7es9p/Aluminum-Micro-Data-Sheet.pdf

Specification Sheets

Document Name 
Aluminum Micro CSI Specificationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/ivwpomnyj6/Aluminum-Micro-CSI-Specification.pdf


Document Name 
Aluminum Box Brackets Inside Outside Ceiling Mount Or Special Shape 78146 02 Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/w3qffj0kha/Aluminum-Box-Brackets-Inside-Outside-Ceiling-Mount-Or-Special-Shape-78146-02_Installation.pdf