Standard Vertical Blinds

Installing SWFcontract Standard Vertical Blinds will beat the competition in durability and value for your next commercial window coverings project.

G71 Vertical Blinds
G-71 Super-Vue® Headrail

G-71 Super-Vue Vertical blinds are the most specified commercial grade vertical blind solution. With a robust, aluminum headrail and steel pantograph for uniform spacing, the G-71 is built for quality.

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G98 Vertical Blinds
G-98 Ultra-Vue Headrail

The G-98 Ultra-Vue sets itself apart from other commercial-grade vertical blinds because self-aligning and ultra thin carriers allowing for a tight vane stack.

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G-85 Vertical Blind
G-85 Dura-Vue® Headrail

With a range of customizable features, the G-85 Dura-Vue delivers lasting quality and value at an economical price.

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Comprehensive selection and supply

We have a range of vertical window blinds that will add beauty and functionality to any commercial project. Our controlled supply line makes sure that you get the vertical blinds you need, when you need them.

Construction expertise

Standard Vertical Blinds have to fit into the overall aesthetic and construction of your project. Our 360 degree understanding of commercial construction will find the standard vertical blinds that fit your entire construction plan. Our team has the ability and experience to help you plan your projects and get you the specs and diagrams that you need.

Best experience customer service

There are a lot of options for vertical window blinds. SWFcontract’s experts will get you the right ones. We’ve been helping customers complete their commercial window coverings projects for over 80 years. Let our experts help you find the best solution for your commercial project.