Faux Wood. Real Quality. Real Savings.

There’s nothing fake about the quality of faux wood blinds. You’ll save your customers money while giving them all the comfort and functionality provided by real wood. Some of the benefits include:

  • Moisture proof
  • Lower cost
  • Beauty and style

Your customers have specific needs. We specialize in helping you find the solution to your faux wood needs.

Full Range of

There are hundreds of kinds of faux-wood blinds. There’s only one that’s right for your project. We have it. With the full range of products in the industry, we’re able to quickly create the one you need, manufactured to your specifications- and get it to you when you need it. 

High FR-Ratings

When you are working on construction projects that demand a high Fire Resistance rating, faux wood window blinds help you meet all your regulations. These are ideal for assisted living facilities, schools, and more. Find the blinds that give your end users what they need.

Best Experience Customer Service

Not sure what you need? Not sure what faux wood blinds are right for you. With over 80 years of experience in commercial construction, our team will match your project with our products, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Features & Components

  • SureClose™ Headrail is 1-5/8" high x 2-1/4" wide x .022" thick U-shaped, extruded steel with 1/8" light-blocking lip on the bottom center line.
  • The steel finishing process includes phosphate treatment for corrosion resistance, a chrome-free sealer, a low hazardous air pollutants (HAP) urethane primer, and a topcoat of low HAP polyester-baked enamel.
  • Cordless lift option uses 2" x 2¼" steel headrail.
  • Premium faux wood bottomrail measures 9⁄16" high x 2" wide in a trapezoid shape to improve closure and coordinates with slats.
  • Standard faux wood bottomrail measures 9/16" high x 2" wide in a rectangular shape and coordinates with slats.
  • Bottomrail is extruded foam PVC.
  • Cord tilter is a snap-in component incorporating a worm and pulley of low-friction thermoplastic and a nylon gear.
  • Tilt rod is electro-zinc coated solid steel measuring 1/4" square.
  • Cordlock is a snap-in design made of durable metal and incorporates a floating, shaft-type locking pin.
  • The cordlock design provides a crash-proof safety feature that locks the blinds automatically upon release of the lift cord.
  • Cradles are made of low-friction polypropylene with metal lift cord rollers.
  • Drums are made of high-strength thermoplastic, which securely anchors braided ladder or cloth tapes.
Control Lengths
Finished Blind Height Wand Length* Cord Length
up to 36" 12" 1/3 of Blind Height
36-1/16" to 60" 20"
60-1/16" to 70" 30"
70-1/16" to 80" 40"
80-1/16" to 90" 48"
90-1/16" to 100" 60"
100-1/16" to 120" 72"
*Wands over 48" long are a clear plastic.
  • Slats are nominally 2" wide x 1/8" thick with straight-cut edges.
  • Moisture-resistant slats are solid or woodgrain UV-stabilized PVC.
  • Slats meet the requirement of NFPA 701 Test Method 1-2004 edition.
  • Braided ladder is made of 100% polyester yarn, incorporating two extra-strength rungs per ladder for slat support. Standard ladder spacing is 44mm.
  • Maximum spacing between ladders is 11".
  • 2" and 2-1/2" slat sizes
  • NoHoles privacy and lightblocking slat
  • 1" or 1-1/2" cloth tapes
  • Lift Options: cord (standard), cordless, or ring
  • Tilt Options: wand (standard), cord, or ring
  • Extension brackets
  • Hold down brackets
  • Cut-outs
  • Custom cord lengths available
  • Installation brackets are a universal style made of phosphate-treated steel with a urethane primer and polyester-baked enamel finish to match headrail.
  • Bracket design incorporates a hinged front cover.
  • End-support box brackets

Maximum single blind width: 96"

  Width Height
Min. 7" 10"
Max. 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 96" single blind 120"
  Width Height
Min. 12" 10"
Max. 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 63" single blind 72"

Fabrics & Colors



Document Name 
Wood Faux Outside Wall Mount Inside Mount_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/vxksjeco1c/Wood-Faux-Outside-Wall-Mount-Inside-Mount_Installation.pdf
Wood Faux 1in Inside Mount Ceiling Mount Outside Wall Mount 78108 01_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/joq0raiw9w/Wood-Faux-1in-Inside-Mount-Ceiling-Mount-Outside-Wall-Mount-78108-01_Installation.pdf


Product Information

Document Name 
Faux Wood Blinds Brochurehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/bg1vbzmvnp/Faux-Wood-Blinds-Brochure.pdf
Faux Color Cardhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/8issgddjwa/Faux-Color-Card.pdf


Document Name 
Faux Premium NFPA 701 8 20 13 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/np6beoww0a/Faux-Premium-FRCertificate-NFPA-701-8-20-13.pdf
Faux MilkyWay 5058 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/od6uye16dl/Faux-MilkyWay-5058-FRCertificate.pdf
Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Greenguard Certificationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/gvn7flulvl/Graber-Lake-Forest-Faux-Wood-Greenguard-Certification.pdf
Graber Faux Wood Blinds Greenguard Certificationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/r9wioxp7ty/Graber-Faux-Wood-Blinds-Greenguard-Certification.pdf
Faux White 5035 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/gagv11jvn5/Faux-White-5035-FRCertificate.pdf
Faux Buttermilk 5078 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/lzgsxwxn6m/Faux-Buttermilk-5078-FRCertificate.pdf
Faux Premium Honey Maple 2013 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/x7w636mpwv/Faux-Premium-Honey-Maple-2013-FRCertificate.pdf
Premium SaddleBrown 2694 FRCertificatehttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/uzfhtrl42a/Premium-SaddleBrown-2694-FRCertificate.pdf

Data Sheets

Document Name 
Faux Wood 2in Data Sheethttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/0fd8gnibtg/Faux-Wood-2in-Data-Sheet.pdf
Premium Faux Wood 2in Data Sheethttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/0zirepzulk/Premium-Faux-Wood-2in-Data-Sheet.pdf

Specification Sheets

Document Name 
Faux Premium.CSI Specificationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/34mpwdcssy/Faux-Premium.CSI-Specification.pdf
Faux CSI Specificationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/yflbssvsxl/Faux-CSI-Specification.pdf


Document Name 
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cord Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/amtddk39n8/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cord-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/dmiebnar5i/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/dxpexyjg0r/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/fz8vorj331/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/1gnhrbyj3i/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/qcvod4aloq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/rb7lube1rq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/ldma7lrygi/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/ppkfbtgfvy/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cordless Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/52tnn5pop4/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cordless-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cord Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/t2turl4vhq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cord-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/h3vqt064d8/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/jzwikkhslq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cord Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/wijqsix1wu/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cord-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cordless Lift Wand Tilt Box Bracket No Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/ws2pki36zb/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cordless-Lift-Wand-Tilt-Box-Bracket-No-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Plan Cordless Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/wuxabj2am9/2inch-Faux-Wood-Plan-Cordless-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Section Cordless Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/vfok1gacjq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Section-Cordless-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf
2inch Faux Wood Elevation Cord Lift Cord Tilt Box Bracket Classic Valance Drawinghttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/cle1j4iwnq/2inch-Faux-Wood-Elevation-Cord-Lift-Cord-Tilt-Box-Bracket-Classic-Valance_Drawing.pdf