Why Panel Track Sliding Panels? Flexible functionality for commercial interiors

SWFcontract Panel Track Sliding Panels are all about flexibility. Depending on the needs of your project, our sliding panels:

  • Control light like a solar shade
  • Cover sliding window panels and wide commercial windows
  • Use Greenguard certified fabrics, a trusted standard for reducing indoor air pollution

Your end-users want solutions that save them money and energy. With SWFcontract, you’ll be the one who provides them.

Function & Flexibility

SWFcontract Panel Track sliding window panels offer a clean design aesthetic for your next commercial window coverings project. We’ll help you achieve the look you want within the scope of your commercial window coverings project.

Construction Expertise

Not sure if Panel Tracks Sliding Panels are a fit for your next project? Our team has the ability and experience to help you plan your projects and get you the specs and diagrams that you need.

Best Experience Customer Service

SWFcontract has been helping customers complete their commercial window covering projects for 75 years. We’ll talk you through all your options and help you find what’s best for you.

Features & Components

  • Headrail track systems are made from 6063 T5 extruded aluminum with an average wall thickness of .039" and a painted finish.
  • Headrail consists of a 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-pass track depending on the number of fabric panels required.
    • 2-pass track measures 1.58" wide x .64" high
    • 3-pass track measures 2.00" wide x .64" high
    • 4-pass track measures 2.74" wide x .64" high
    • 5-pass track measures 3.44" wide x .64" high
  • An optional spliced headrail is available with a maximum width of 192" for one-way draw and 332" for split draw.
  • The panel attachment system allows fabric panels to install easily in the track slides.
  • The patent-pending sliding panel attachment system provides secure attachment and fabric panels are field replaceable.
  • Slides traverse on multiple precision nylon rollers running in low friction acetal carriers to provide quiet, smooth operation.
  • Panel slides are extruded aluminum with a .050" wall thickness and painted to match the track.
  • Hem bar is extruded aluminum measuring 1.214" wide x .582" tall x .053" thick and painted to match the track.
  • Slide, track and hem bar end caps are UV stabalized engineered plastic and are color coordinated to match the track.
  • Select solar and roller fabric choices are available.
  • Baton control is standard.
  • Traversing baton is cylindrical and made of clear polycarbonate.
  • Baton measures .472" in diameter and attaches to the lead slide.
  • Optional cord traverse control is .102" diameter D30 Danskord. Traverse cord and cord guide are color coordinated to match the track.
  • Cord traverse control
  • Stack options – right, left or split
  • Number of tracks
  • Square corner valance
  • Spliced headrail for widths up to 332"
  • Projection brackets
  • Hidden top mounting clips for ceiling or inside mount are spring steel with a snap-in design for easy installation and painted to match the track.
  • Wall mount brackets are heavy, pressed steel and color coordinated to match the track.
  • The steel wall mount brackets are standard on all outside mount tracks and optional for inside mount.
  • Projection brackets option


Document Name 
SlidingPanels Solar Roller Roman Inside Ceiling Outside Mount 78005 02_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/culectamty/SlidingPanels-Solar-Roller--Roman-Inside-Ceiling-Outside-Mount-78005-02_Installation.pdf
SlidingPanels Natural Inside Ceiling Outside Mount 78004 02_Installationhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/ue26jixlce/SlidingPanels-Natural-Inside-Ceiling-Outside-Mount-78004-02_Installation.pdf



Document Name 
Vertical 68-7137-40 Channel Panel Ivory_FRCertificate.pdfhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/h1i9rqpuv8/Vertical-68-7137-40-Channel-Panel-Ivory-FRCertificate.pdf

Data Sheets

Document Name 
Sliding Panels Data Sheethttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/3sbplalwr3/Sliding-Panels-Data-Sheet.pdf


BIM Objects

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SlidingPanel BIMhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/qekqoy4jok/SlidingPanel-BIM.rfa

All Drawings

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SlidingPanel BIMhttps://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/view/springswindowfashions/qekqoy4jok/SlidingPanel-BIM.rfa