Motorized Solar Shades

SWFcontract lets your end-users take control of their commercial window coverings and allows you to take control of your project. With three types of motorized window shades, you can find the one that best matches your project requirements. Motorized Solar Shades can manage temperature, moderate heat gain/loss, and optimize natural light all while reducing glare for the end-user, providing ultimate client satisfaction.

Standard Motorized
Standard Motorized Solar Shades

Standard Motorized Solar Shades give your end-users the control they need to save money and be comfortable. These motorized window blinds are high-quality and budget-friendly.

Standard Motorized Solar Shades
RTS Motorized Shades
RTS Motorized Solar Shades

RTS Motorized Solar Shades use an exclusive radio control system to remote control blinds and can be integrated into home or office automation systems.

RTS Motorized Solar Shades
Intelligent Motorized Shades
Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades

Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades are smart window shades that you can program and go. They’re the best smart shades to conserve energy, adjust and provide daylight control with a touch of a button.

Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades
Shade Cloth Collections
Shade Cloth

Choose from hundreds of expertly-engineered shade cloth options for an aesthetically pleasing daylight control solution

Solar Collections Blackout Collections
Motorized Shades

Motorized Solar Shades keep your project on-time and on-budget

No matter what your contract, you need motorized window shades that deliver for you and your clients. Our commercial-grade motorized shades are designed with you in mind.

  • Solutions for large, small, and custom projects
  • Ideal for upgrading and for new installation
  • Efficient to install
  • Promotes energy-efficiency for user
  • Cost-effective for everyone

Discover which of our motorized shades are right for your project.

Three types of products

We’re proud to offer three distinct types of motorized shades, all with varying types of controls, powers, and features so that you can find the right ones for the end-users. It’s a unique solution for your project's unique needs.

Engineering expertise

Our sales and customer service teams have extensive backgrounds in engineering and commercial projects. We understand what you need for a successful build, and know how to find you just the right part for your budget, needs, and client expectations.

A dedicated supply chain

We know that you may need commercial window coverings on tight timelines.  Our dedicated logistical chain can get your custom motorized solar shades to you so you can install and complete your project on schedule.