Pro Series Manual Shade Couplers: Explained

March 17, 2022 | product explainers

The SWFcontract Pro Series Shade System offers a leap forward in form and function. We offer a Coupled Shade solution that can streamline your shade designs by allowing control of multiple shade bands from a single clutch. This allows for a clean look and more efficient operation. Pro Series Coupled Shades up to 4 bands wide and up to 500” overall widths are available.

When planning a system using Pro Series Manual Coupled Shades, a successful design requires that you think through the entire system from start to finish. There are a variety of options available when ordering and it is important to understand the function of the components that make up the system to achieve the best results.

In addition to several bracket options, our Pro Series Shade Coupler is available in 2 different types. We offer a straight-through non-adjustable model as well as an adjustable model that offers the installer a 30° range of shade adjustment. This adjustment allows for perfect hem bar alignment between adjacent shade bands. This can be a great asset in achieving the best installation results and increasing job site efficiency.
Pro Series Straight Coupler

Shades configured that use a 1.5” shade tube will ship with the straight coupler and associated brackets. Shades configured that use the 1.78”, 2.2” and 2.5” shade tubes will ship with the adjustable couplers and associated brackets. It is important to understand that the 2 types of couplers are not interchangeable.

Pro Series Adjustable Coupler

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