Environmental Sustainability

The SWFcontract Commitment to Sustainability

Respecting the earth has long been a part of the SWFcontract philosophy. Our goal is to minimize the overall environmental impact of our company by choosing recycled, renewable, and reduced-content materials whenever possible. An​d we continually evaluate ways to reduce waste, save energy, eliminate hazardous materials, and improve indoor air quality.

Our People

Because social responsibility is such an integral part of the SWFcontract heritage, our employees take every opportunity to go green. We participate in an extensive office recycling program and, more importantly, we develop and implement ideas that help us create a more environmentally-friendly company.

Our Processes

Continuously improving our sustainable manufacturing processes is a responsibility that we take seriously. For example, plastic scrap from injection molding and extrusion at our Middleton facility is reground and reused, while our Grayling wood plant recycles more than 4,500 tons of sawdust annually. We also save 90 million gallons of water every year with our closed-loop water system. In fact, every level of our operation is evaluated to diminish our eco-impact.

Our Products

By design, SWFcontract window coverings are green because they block solar heat gain, which reduces energy consumption and lowers energy costs. They also reduce UV damage to commercial interiors, which extends the life of furnishings. The products themselves include parts that are 100% recyclable and, whenever possible, parts that contain pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content. And our solar shades offer low VOC emission fabrics that are GREENGUARD certified. Ultimately, SWFcontract products provide an excellent return on investment in the form of healthier, more energy-efficient buildings.

Your Green Partner

With the eco-friendly approach of our people, the sustainable properties of our products, and our green manufacturing processes, you can be confident specifying SWFcontract products to meet your clients' requirements, especially in today's eco-conscious environment.​​