Let's Debate: Real Wood Vs. Faux Wood Blinds

April 28, 2022 | product explainers

Would wooden blinds complete your new space? You've come to the right place to decide which style is right for you. This blog will cover some of the differences between real & faux wooden blind solutions and how to find the best fit for your project. When deciding what choice is best for your space, there are many different factors to consider. Size of window, exposure to humidity, and overall sunlight are the main three factors to have in mind when deciding between real and faux wood.

Real Wood

The original, traditional, classic look and feel in this category. Real wood window blinds offer an exceptional look & feel that can make any room luxurious. Quality craftsmanship gives real wood an unbeatable timeless look without sacrificing structural stability. Our real wooden blinds are in our control from the beginning of the process, all the way until it reaches your window, from green lumber to finished blinds with premium certified North American Hardwood. When choosing a solution for a larger window, consider real wood as it is lighter than faux wood, improving shade mobility. One reason you may NOT want to choose real wood would be for an area that is high humidity. Real wood blinds are not as well suited as faux wood for high humidity areas.

Pros and cons of real wood

- Lighter weight for larger windows
- Unmatched consistent coloring and attractive grain
- Real North American Hardwood
- More costly than faux wood
- Not suitable for high humidity areas

Faux Wood

Faux wood window blinds are an incredible option for those wanting the look and feel of real wood without paying the premium price. Faux wooden blinds offer enhanced durability that real wood cannot match. Fade and moisture resistance make faux wood a cost-effective and long-lasting option for any window no matter the location, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Coming in a large array of 'wood-like' colors, faux wood offers a way to step away from the traditional colors or mimic them. Larger windows are not ideal for Faux wood as it is a heavier solution and real wood may be the better option. Faux wood is easy to clean and maintain giving you the feel of wood without the same level of maintenance necessary for wood. SWFcontract also offers semi-custom faux wood blinds which offer a cordless alternative to real wood, utilizing a cordless spring lift motor.

Pros and cons of faux wood

- Lower price point for a similar look & feel as real wood
- Fade & moisture resistance
- High FR ratings
- Color variety
- Heavier
- Lacks richness & texture of real wood

When it comes to picking a wood or wood-like solution for a project, these are some things to consider when making the right choice for your project and situation. Contact a SWFcontract rep today to order samples and find the right choice to create happy windows.


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