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  • Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades

  • Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades

    SWFcontract products use a control system that enables users to adjust motorized horizontal blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, and solar shades with the touch of a button. To adjust shades based on external conditions, our climate sensors and timers are stand-alone or can be integrated into home or office automation systems. These motorized products can manage temperature, moderate heat gain/loss, and optimize natural light while reducing glare.

    Best of all, we offer a range of scalable SWFcontract solutions for small, large, or custom projects. Whether you are interested in upgrading to shading and occupancy switches, or installing tailor-made shading and lighting controlled through a building management system, we have the combination of products and components to make a more efficient, cost-effective project, and a better indoor environment.


    • The industry-proven Somfy® Digital Network (SDN) is capable of controlling thousands of motors over a single standard RS485 network.
    • Intelligent motors feature state-of-the-art controls.
      • The Intelligent 110V-120V AC Motor (ILT) is the most extensive motor technology capable of building control, automation, and user interfaces used in new and retrofit construction when system flexibility is desired.
    • Individual and group controls available.


    • The motor is a tubular, asynchronous motor with built-in reversible capacitor, and is completely enclosed, temperature Class A, thermally protected, and maintenance-free with line voltage power supply.
    • The motor size doesn’t exceed 80% of the motor and tube assembly rated lift capacity. (To ensure proper operation, the manufacturer determines motor size based on window dimensions and fabric selection.)


    • Fabric options range from 100% opaque to 14% open.
    • Seam heights may be specified.
    • Fabric-wrapped hem bar is extruded aluminum and completely enclosed in a hem pocket with heat-sealed seams and ends.
    • Shades with railroaded fabric may have heat-sealed seams.
    • Solar and blackout shade fabric collections are fade and stain resistant, antistatic, and pass NFPA 701-1999 FR, and ASTM-G21 and G22.
    • Solar and blackout fabrics feature options that are GREENGUARD Gold certified and FR rated NFPA 701.
    • Fabric options also include ShadeDefense Antimicrobial Protection, our antibacterial and antifungal technology that meets ASTM G21 and ASTM E2180 test methods.​​


    • Tube sizes include 2.55", 3.15", 3.95", and 5.13".
    • The roller tubes are extruded aluminum engineered with channel to accept fabric spline.
    • The diameter and wall thickness are determined by manufacturer based on fabric selection and shade size to provide minimal deflection and optimal performance.
    • Unique Z-shaped, rigid PVC spline is heat-sealed to the shade fabric, providing a secure attachment to the tube while allowing easy removal of the fabric band.
    • The removable spline system allows for adjustability on-site and ease in changing fabric bands in the field.


    • 4.25" or 7.625" fascia


    • External fabric-wrapped hem bar
    • Pockets
    • Closure plates
    • Blackout channels include side, sill, and center channels
    • Dual and coupled shades
    • Full building automation
    • Integration with third-party systems


    For complete product information and option details, please see the product’s Data Sheet.


    Motor Offering Overview​


    Minimum width:

    • Single and Dual Shades 33"
    • Coupled and Dual Coupled 34.5"

    Maximum width: 240"

    Minimum height: 6"

    Maximum height: 240"

    (Dimensions are dependent on fabric choice.)

    Installation Considerations

    Inside Mount Minimum Space Requirements

     Top MountWall Mount
     No FasciaFasciaNo FasciaFascia
    Standard Bracket System3.6875"4.5"4"4.5"
    Extended Bracket System6.25"7.1875"6.25"7.1875"


    • Adjustable idle end and intermediate brackets allow shades to be leveled in place.
    • Standard, coupled, angle coupled, dual, and both dual and coupled shades are available.
    • Brackets are powder-coated and available in white or black.
    • Bracket covers are optional.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty​

    Motorization Components and Accessories (battery not included): Five-year Limited Warranty​


    Several opaque and blackout fabrics are available in solar shades, providing the best possible energy efficiency and insulation.


    • Boasting a shading coefficient range of .21 to .74, SWFcontract Solar Shades prevent heat gain, which conserves energy and lowers cooling costs.
    • With an openness factor of 1–14%, solar shades block harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, fabrics, and interior finishes. This extends the life of furnishings and prevents them from ending up in landfills prematurely.
    • To help create more healthful indoor environments, several SWFcontract solar shade fabrics are GREENGUARD certified—they have successfully met the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s rigorous chemical emissions standards.
    • SWFcontract Solar Shades are designed, engineered, and tested to ensure a long product life. This ultimately reduces landfill waste and conserves resources.