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  • Solar Specialty Solutions

  • Solar Specialty Solutions

    SWFcontract TrueOutlook™ Skylight & Bottom Up Solar Shades combine a clean appearance with motorized functionality and flexibility to effectively manage sunlight in today’s commercial interiors. Designed with careful attention to detail and rigorously tested every step of the build, the TrueOutlook shade is a trustworthy motorized solution for horizontal skylights and vertical windows with bottom up requirements.

    Our unique solar fabrics optimize natural light while controlling heat and glare. The exclusive, color coordinated components of the TrueOutlook system keep the solar fabric taut and even, while the hem bar self-levels at all times. Guide wires wind up neatly, rather than obstruct or detract from the sleek look. In addition to their aesthetic advantages, TrueOutlook Skylight & Bottom Up Solar Shades are reliable and easy to install.


    • Specialty shades are specifically engineered for horizontal skylights and vertical bottom up window applications.
    • Comprehensive solar management Is a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into third-party control systems.
    • Solutions are customizable for LEED intended projects.
    • Ease of installation minimizes time on the job site.
    • Exceptional project support is available.


    • TrueOutlook systems offer the complete spectrum of motor technology and control options:
      • SDN Intelligent Technology
      • RTS Radio Frequency
      • Standard wired options
    • Each motor option has the capability to integrate into automation systems.
    • An engineered tensioning system is enclosed inside the take-up drum, which delivers precise tension to the fabric for a taut appearance and eliminates the need for telescoping fabric.
    • An adjustable, locking bracket system allows for precise leveling (to within ⅛") without removing the shade from the window.
    • Extruded aluminum hem bar is self-leveling for a straight appearance during operation and every time the shade comes to rest.
    • Proprietary pulley system allows hem bar to constantly self-adjust, eliminating maintenance.
    • Guide wires are designed to track from the extreme edge of the hem bar and wind neatly inside the take-up drum.


    • Skylight application: 10 fabric styles available
    • Bottom up application: 14 fabric styles available
    • Blackout, 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% ope​​nness available
    • Solar and blackout fabrics feature options that are GREENGUARD Gold certified and FR rated NFPA 701.
    • Fabric options also include ShadeDefense Antimicrobial Protection, our antibacterial and antifungal technology that meets ASTM G21 and ASTM E2180 test methods.​​


    For complete product information and option details, please see the product’s Data Sheet.


    TrueOutlook Skylight & Bottom Up Solar Shade

    Minimum width: 36"

    Maximum width: 96"

    Minimum height: 24"

    Maximum height: 96"

    (Dimensions are dependent on fabric choice.)



    Limited Lifetime Warranty​

    Motorization Components and Accessories (battery not included): Five-year Limited Warranty​


    Several opaque and blackout fabrics are available in solar shades, providing the best possible energy efficiency and insulation.


    • Boasting a shading coefficient range of .21 to .74, SWFcontract Solar Shades prevent heat gain, which conserves energy and lowers cooling costs.
    • With an openness factor of 1–10%, solar shades block harmful UV rays, protecting furniture, fabrics, and interior finishes. This extends the life of furnishings and prevents them from ending up in landfills prematurely.
    • To help create healthier indoor environments, several SWFcontract solar shade fabrics are GREENGUARD certified—they have successfully met the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute’s rigorous chemical emissions standards.
    • SWFcontract Solar Shades are designed, engineered, and tested to ensure a long product life. This ultimately reduces landfill waste and conserves resources.