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  • Elite Wood Blinds

  • Graber® Elite Wood Blinds

    SWFcontract Elite Wood Blinds enhance privacy and light control, while offering durability and a classic look. Our consistent quality sets us apart as we follow exacting standards for producing our blinds, from wood drying to our state-of-the-art finishing process. But our quality begins at the source as we craft our blinds from North American hardwoods—the premier wood for producing superior blinds.


    • SureClose™ Headrail is 1⅝" high x 2¼" wide x .022" thick U-shaped, extruded steel with ⅛" lightblocking lip on the bottom center line and finished with a powder coat paint.
    • Cordless lift option uses 2" x 2¼" steel headrail.
    • Headrail offers oversize blind capability.


    • Bottomrail is lineal grained and smooth-sanded 100% North American Basswood, kiln-dried to a 6–10% moisture content and cut prior to finishing.
    • Bottomrail is contour-molded to a shape of ⅝" high in a trapezoid shape to improve closure.


    • Heavy-duty cord tilt and cord lift are standard.
    • Tilt rod is elecro-zinc coated solid steel measuring ¼" square.
    • Cordlock is a snap-in design made of metal and incorporates a floating, shaft-type locking pin.
    • The cordlock design provides a crash-proof safety feature that locks the blind automatically upon release of the lift cord.
    • Cradles are made of low-friction polypropylene with metal lift cord rollers.
    • Drums are made of high-strength thermoplastic, which securely anchors braided ladder or fabric tapes.


    • Slats are made from North American hardwood harvested though sustainable-yield forest management techniques.
    • Sizes include 1", 2", and 2⅜" widths.
    • Slats are individually finished using a wiping technique rather than flow coat process, resulting in a hand-finished appearance.
    • Slats are stained and painted after cutting so ends and route holes are sealed, which reduces warpage.
    • PureGrain™ clear satin and high gloss finish available.
    • 24" ladder spacing is standard.
    • Braided ladder is made of 100% polyester yarn, incorporating two extra-strength rungs per ladder for slat support. Standard ladder spacing is 44mm.


    • NoHoles™ privacy slats
    • 1" and 1½" cloth tapes
    • Beaded slat
    • Valances: 3" Classic, 3½" Legacy, 3⅛" Beaded, 4½" Symphony, 3" or 5" Flat Valance
    • Keystones
    • Cordless lift
    • Wand tilt
    • Motorized tilt
    • Ring pull and ring tilt
    • Decorative tassels
    • Cut-outs
    • Specialty shapes
    • Custom color program available


    For complete product information and option details, please see the product’s Data Sheet.


    Maximum panel width: 96"


    Minimum width: 7"

    Maximum width: 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 96" single blind

    Minimum height: 10", 6" for 1" slats

    Maximum height: 120"


    Minimum width: 12"

    Maximum width: 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 84" single blind

    Minimum height: 10"

    aximum height: 86", authentic hardwood blinds 78"


    Minimum width: 19"

    Maximum width: 96"

    Minimum height: 10"

    Maximum height: 120"


    • Installation brackets are a universal style and allow for a top, back, or side mount.
    • Brackets are made from phosphate-treated steel with urethane primer and polyester-baked enamel finish to match headrail.
    • Bracket design incorporates a hinged front cover.
    • Hold down brackets option
    • Extension brackets option