Features & Components

  • Headrail shall be 1.56" high x 2.29" wide x .024" thick U-shaped steel.
  • Steel-finishing process includes phosphate treatment for corrosion resistance, a chrome-free sealer, a low-HAP urethane primer, and a topcoat with low-HAP, polyester baked enamel.
  • Bottomrail shall be co-extruded PVC, .60" high x 1.94" wide and shall coordinate with slats.
  • Tilt Wand shall be made of PVC, color coordinated to the slats.
  • Tilt Rod shall be electro-zinc coated solid steel measuring .158" across the flats.
  • Cordless Lift Spring Motor shall be double spooled engineered, which allows for smooth function throughout the complete lift and lowering cycle. Motor balance will keep the bottomrail in the desired location, regardless of it's position.
  • Drums shall be made of polystyrene.
  • Installation Brackets shall be electroplated steel with polyester baked enamel finish to match headrail.
  • Braided Ladder shall be made of 100% polyester, color coordinated to the slats. Standard ladder spacing 45mm x 54mm. Maximum spacing between ladders is 12".
  • Slats shall be co-extruded PVC, 1.97" wide x .114" thick with straight-cut edges and standard route holes.
  • Valance/Valance Return shall be co-extruded PVC. Standard valance will be 3" x .325" thick at the center with beaded edges. Decorative valance will be 3.25" x .57" thick.
Size Considerations
  • Minimum blind width:
    • 15" outside mount
    • 15-1/2" inside mount
  • Maximum blind width:
    • 72" outside mount
    • 72 1/2" inside mount
  • Minimum blind height:
    • 24"
  • Maximum blind height:
    • 72"
Mounting Depth Requirements
  • Minimum depth:
    • 1" inside mount (screw holes on the side of the bracket have to be used to get to this minimum depth)
Performance Testing
  • Light Fastness: 500 hours UV-A in a Q-U-C chamber or equivalent
  • Fire: Slats meet the requirement of NFPA 701 Test Method 1-2004 edition.
  • Meets ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 (labels, hang tags, cords, and lead)