Commercial Solar Shades

SWFcontract Commercial Solar Shades lead the window covering industry in providing flexible, functional solar shade systems for commercial buildings. Our indoor solar shades offer a clean aesthetic that allows for daylight and heat control while managing the #1 requested office perk - daylight. Our solar shades excel at providing daylight control so that your building will be able to provide a comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasant, daytime experience.

Commercial Solar Shades
Manual Solar Shades
Manual Solar Shades

SWFcontract offers a wide range of Manual Solar Shades that are cost-conscious, durable and help increase energy efficiency.

Pro Series Manual Solar Shades True Performance Manual Solar Shades R Series Manual Solar Shades
Motorized Shades
Motorized Solar Shades

SWFcontract Motorized Solar Shades feature state-of-the-art control systems for effortless operation from a handheld remote or wall switch.

Standard Motorized Solar Shades RTS Motorized Solar Shades Intelligent Motorized Solar Shades
Automated Shades
Automated Solar Shades

SWFcontract Automated Solar Shades, engineered with intelligent motors and user-friendly shade control, are great for large or hard to reach applications and harvesting daylight.

Automated Solar Shades
Shade Cloth Collections
Shade Cloth

Choose from hundreds of expertly-engineered shade cloth options for an aesthetically pleasing daylight control solution

Solar Collections Blackout Collections
Solar Shades

Why your end-users will demand Commercial Solar Shades

No commercial building project is complete until the windows are done, and no project is a success unless the building is comfortable and functional. Commercial Solar Shades make a huge difference for your end-users. This includes:

  • Up to a 15% reduction in the total cost of energy
  • Less glare
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased productivity
  • Can help with environmental certification

Multi-unit buildings and businesses need lower bills and higher levels of comfort. Using Commercial Solar Shades from SWFcontract lets you deliver both.

Talk to one of our experts today to get the solar shades your customers will remember.

Comprehensive selection

Our Solar Shades run the gamut from Automated and Smart Solar Shades to Manual Solar Shades. We’re able to fulfill any need you might have for Solar Shades for commercial windows.

Commercial building expertise

Our comprehensive selection of Commercial Solar Shades allows us to meet the needs of any commercial project. Our 360 degree understanding of commercial building and design integrates our Solar Shades into your entire construction plan. Our team has the ability and experience to help you plan your projects and get you the specs that you need.

Best experience customer service

Not sure what you want yet? SWFcontract’s experts know solar shades and speak construction integrated language. SWFcontract has been helping customers complete their commercial shading projects for 75 years. We’re driven by our commitment to provide the best experience in the industry. Let our experts help you find the best product for your commercial shading project.